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Monday, March 19, 2018

Moving Blues

We are in the process of moving, so everything is packed away. But, once I get unpacked, I have a lot of neat stuff to share, I promise. So, sorry about the total lack of updates over the past five or six weeks. There just hasn't been much time for doing anything fun and less time to write about it. Heck, I just barely have internet service set up in the new house now. Thanks Comcast, you suck.

I did manage to get in a a day of Team Yankee back in February, where I played in two games. I lost both, naturally... but they were close, and I would have won the second game if we hadn't run out of time before my victory conditions were met (we had to call it at end of turn 4, I had to hold an objective at the end of turn 6). I have the photos on my phone. Which died a horrible death yesterday, naturally. I am supposed to be getting a new phone tomorrow, and maybe - maybe! - I can save some of the stuff on the old phone. I hope so.

I will say that I have gotten into very deep trouble with regards to the Pledge. I bought two boxes of Yuri's Wolves tanks for Team Yankee. That's ten T-64s and four BMPs. I also got a Soviet Motor Rifle Company. That's 79 infantry figures. And I ordered a set of the glow-in-the-dark Ogre Miniatures. The post office then lost them somewhere after putting them on a truck in my town. Grrrr... But I ordered some replacements. That's another, um... 43 vehicles. So I will update that counter.

And none of the terrain I have been buying should count against the Pledge, since it's all ready to play. Battlefield in a Box... lots of it. Like three sets of Modern Roads, Modern Road expansion, the Manor House, the Estate House, the Cobblestone Squares, the House Extensions, two Apartment Blocks, a Factory, a Department store, two oil tank sets, a Petrol Station, a box of the garages, another Desert Administration Building, Ruined Desert Houses, Desert Sandbag markers, the Overpass, a set of Carparks, and two Fast Food Restaurants (I am going to repaint one to be a Waffle House). I think that's it, so far. I want more apartments, some billboard signage, and at least one more Factory with the added floor that you have to order direct from Battlefront. I may get two. I think they make good office buildings.

Yellow and black roof, some signage... Waffle House

Plus... in the near future I will have photos of my new custom gaming tables and the painted gaming area... and an announcement hopefully in early April... So stay tuned, all 70-ish of you, and please share this info.

Monday, February 5, 2018

More Pledge Trouble

Still not too bad - I just got four Reaper Bones figures while I was in Austin last week.

Of course, I haven't painted anything yet this year...

New Game Room on the Horizon!

We bought a new home last month (yay!), and will be moving out of our small-ish apartment soon (double yay!). One of the great things about this house (besides not having an upstairs neighbour who, though a petite young lady sounds as if she's training Clydesdales over our heads as she moves around her apartment) is that I will have a truly, obscenely large game room over the garage.

How big? Well, it's irregularly shaped, but the longest length is just shy of 37 feet (about 11-12 meters) and the widest point is about 22 feet (7-ish meters). Big. And already carpeted and drywalled and painted. Even has some built in shelves. Happiness.

I am taking photos, but it's mostly a big empty room right now while we finish some updating and remodeling of the living areas. I promise to share as it gets completed.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Uh-oh, Pledge Trouble...

But it's not too bad. I got three minis, a pack of 28mm Schreckenwulf for Konflikt '47.

  The plan is to use them for Doctor Vardu in VSF, but of course, I can use them for their intended purposes as well... I love double-dipping on figures.

   So the tally is three purchased, zero painted. But I am really close on like a dozen or so finished painted. I may have started them in 2017, but it only counts when they are finished... right?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018: The Pledge

   I think that this year I will try to fulfill The Pledge. It's been a while since I even tried, but I'm going to go for it this year. What's the Pledge, you ask?

   I will paint more minis than I purchase and/or receive as gifts in 2018.

   That's a mighty bold statement for most gamers, and for me in particular because I am incredibly slow at painting.

   Pre-painted pieces count neither for nor against the Pledge.

   I will break this into three categories: miniatures, vehicles, and terrain. I am not going to track by scale - that gets too complicated. However, for the smaller scales, I will count a base in place of a figure. Essentially, a single playing piece worth.

   So, keep an eye on the Pledge Tracker I am putting in the sidebar. Let's see if I can stick to it!